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NY Distilling Co Perry's Tot

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New York Distilling Company: Perry's Tot
Navy Strength Gin 57% 750ml

Aromatic and smooth, Perry's Tot gin, at 57%, is a quality navy strength gin that lends itself perfectly for cocktails.

Harking back to a time when there were 50,000 illegal stills in New York, the New York Distilling Company produces quality spirits that are seeped in history.

Serving sugestions: In a gin & tonic with Fever-Tree tonic or is a classic dry martini.

Cocktail Recipe: Innocenti

1oz Perry's Tot Navy Strength Gin
3/4oz Dry Vermouth
3/4oz Lillet Blanc
1/4oz Benedictine

Stir ingrendients over ice until chilled. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a lemin twist.

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