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Matusalem Rum Clasico 10 YO


Matusalem Rum Clasico 10 Year Old
700ml 40%

With a history dating back to 1872 in Cuba, the Matusalem Distillery moved to Santiago in the Dominican Republic when Castro's communist government confiscated their assets in the 1950's.

Matusalem Rum is crafted by the solera distillation method. The sugar cane derived molasses is first fermented and aged in oak casks stacked on top of each other with the youngest rum is the highest levels. Each level of casks is connected to the one below, so that when the oldest rum at the bottom is siphoned off for bottling, it is replaced with rum cascading from the casks above. 

No more than a third of each cask is taken whilst the process is repeated on all levels resulting in a blending process that allows the fiery younger rums to be refined with the smoothness and flavour of the older rums.

Solera rum ages are therefore an average age of the rum rather than a specific age.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Dark honey/golden with toasted hues. Nose: Complex, featuring caramel and toffee, alongside notes of roasted coffee bean, vanilla and coconut. A seductive bouquet wreathed in the warm, creamy aroma of molasses. Palate: Pleasant and silky, balanced between the flavors of nutmeg, vanilla caramel and oak barrels, yielding an exceptional spirit.

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