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Martin Miller's Gin


Martin Miller's Gin
700ml 40% ABV

In 1999 Martin Miller's Gin launch heralded the start of the Super Premium Gin market with many following in their footsteps.

Martin Miller's Gin is a blend of two different gins, one infused predominately with juniper and the other with the more earthier botanicals, that produces a gin with a unique freshness and clarity.

As all gins are blended with water to achieve their target strength, Martin Miller's Gin uses Icelandic spring water that is over 800 years old spending its time slowly filtering through minute fissures in Iceland's black basalt.

Martin Miller's Gin is the world's most awarded gin in the last 10 years including a Double Gold from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tasting notes:

A strong citrus nose and taste, with the juniper notes emerging half way through, then comes a lovely clean, soft finish

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