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Briottet Creme d'Abricot

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Briottet Creme d'Abricot

Briottet Creme d'Abricot - 350ml / 700ml - 25% ABV

Edmond Briottet make exceptional artisan liqueurs and creams in Dijon, France.

Briottet Creme d'Abricot Liqueur is produced by macerating the very best variety of apricot, the Bergeron harvested in August in the Rhone Valley, in a very fine neutral alcohol for two months.

Tasting Notes: "A good fresh nose velvety in the mouth a slightly fruit-stone-like bitter note generous full-bodied harmonious a very long finish." Le Pont News.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy neat over ice or with dry sparkling wine.

Briottet Creme d'Abricot Cocktail Recipe: Paradise
> 40ml Black Robin Gin
> 20ml Briottet Creme d'Abricot Liqueur
> 20ml Fresh orange juice

Assemble ingredients in an ice-filled rocks glass, stir and garnish with a orange twist.

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