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Black Robin Martini Set


Black Robin Gin & Dolin Dry Martini Set

Black Robin Gin 700ml

Batch distilled 5 times in a copper reflux still and infused with a combination of 10 exotic botanicals and locally sourced horopito, Black Robin Gin is an award winning super premium gin from New Zealand. Sourced from a nearby spring, Black Robin Gin is blended with pristine NZ spring water that is filtered 5 times and UV treated. There are no additives, sugars, softeners or preservatives in this pure gin.

Dolin Dry Vermouth

From one of the oldest vermouth producers in the world, Dolin Dry Vermouth has been made in the French Alps above Chambery since 1821. It is the benchmark for French vermouths and the perfect partner for Black Robin Gin in a gin martini.

Preparation: Fill a martini glass with ice and leave to chill. Pour 50ml Black Robin Gin into an ice-filled mixing glass and stir for one minute to shill the gin. Pour 10ml Dolin Dry Vermouth into the ice-filled martini glass, swirl and pour away. Strain the chilled gin into the martini glass and garnish with an olive,

Gift wrapping: Available at checkout, is an additional $5 and comes in a black box, packed with wood wool and secured with an elegant black ribbon.

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