Christmas Cake?

Posted on by Nicolet Spice

Well this is something pretty special. 

Love Drinks has launched Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin 2018. The limited edition release is back for its third season.

The story behind the expression is that Four Pillars' founder Cam's created it as a tribute to his mother, Wilma. 

Each year Wilma would use the 1968 Australian Women’s Weekly recipe to make her puddings on Victoria Derby Day, the Saturday before Melbourne Cup. 

On Derby Day 2015, and again on Derby Day every year from then on, Cam distilled some Christmas puddings (homemade to Wilma's recipe), putting them in the botanical basket of Wilma (the Four Pillars still) and distilling a base of juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander and angelica over the top.

Four Pillars now have gin ageing in several 100+ year old Muscat barrels, including two 125-year-old ex-William Grants whisky barrels that, prior to arriving at Healesville, stored Rutherglen Muscat for 80 years. Same as last year and the year before, Cam blended this gin with the Christmas pudding gin and to finish, added Classic Rutherglen Muscat. 

Four Pillars also add a small amount of their “own” Muscat that is maturing at the distillery in old puncheons that used to hold aged Pedro Ximenéz in the Barossa Valley. 

Each year Four Pillars change the label, despite the recipe remaining the same, and it is designed to represent something about Australian Christmas. In 2016 it was warm sunshine and red wine stains, and last year it was the bright Giant Australian Christmas Beetle.

This year, Four Pillars have collaborated with Melbourne artist Stephen Baker to create a snapshot of what he feels represents Christmas in Australia. The result is a colourful depiction that evokes the feeling of Christmas in a hot Australian summer.

Artist, Stephen Baker says: “It’s the backyard Christmas I know, lying next to the pool and listening to the radio after a big Christmas lunch. The colours represent that afternoon summer heat and the cool relief of the pool or ocean.”

So we are curious- what can you make with Christmas Gin. Obviously the good old classic G & T springs to mind, but in this case I think a tonic could change the flavour too much- we are going to switch it out with a good quality soda water.

And what about Christmas Day? How about a modified eggnog using this as a base- now you are talking. Between that and gin filled Christmas Tree decorations, we think it will be a very merry Christmas indeed.

Allocated stock is very limited, so get in quick.